Canadian Palestinian Association in Manitoba

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Welcome Refugees

We are sponsoring two refugee families from ex-Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, 11 people in total who had to seek refuge in neighboring Turkey, a journey continues to be marked with uncertainty. Sponsoring refugees is very complex and that's why the Canadian Palestinian Association of Manitoba could complete on its own, also because they are UNRWA and not UNHCR recognized, they had to get a sponsorship refugee holder. Those people deserve better than silence, Please donate and share widely. 

Two Refugee Families, One Dream

T-shirts  available for order, $30 each. Please contact us if interested. 

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The Canadian Palestinian Association in Manitoba (CPAM) is a not-for-profit membership organization based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We promote Palestinian and Arab cultural activities to Canadians to bridge communities and create a better understanding of the Palestinian and Arab peoples.

Who We Are

We are a socio-cultural organization that is a Palestinian home in Manitoba. We serve the Palestinian community through civic and social empowerment activities and events as an opportunity to bridge all Canadian cultural communities.