Canadian Palestinian Association in Manitoba

CPAM Honourary Chairman

Wajih Zeid

Wajih Zeid is a well-established businessman and community leader in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Mr. Zeid came to Winnipeg from Palestine in 1967. He now owns four local Foodfare stores and the former Chicken Delight at Corydon Avenue and Stafford Street, which is now leased to Harvey's.

His first impression of Winnipeg? "I wasn't equipped for winter. I thought 'Oh my God, what did I do?' " He decided he had a return ticket and if he didn't want to stay, he could call it a holiday, and return back. But like many newcomers to Canada he said, "I will give it a chance."


Chairman's Message

Dear Friends: 

On behalf of our new Board of Directors I would like to welcome you to our new web site. We are thrilled with what we have built - it is our hope that you will enjoy.

This web exposure enhances the visibility of CPAM. It expands our reach not only to our members, associates, and potential members, but also to the Palestinian, Arab and non-Arab communities in Manitoba, across Canada and around the world. We hope it will become a popular and frequently visited portal, providing valuable information on everything from our history and culture to local events relevant to our members and the broader community.

I want to thank the driving force behind this work, Mrs. Rana Abdulla – wife, mother, grandmother and a Chartered Professional Accountant, and human rights advocate. For more than thirty years she has volunteered for communities in Canada. It was Ms. Abdulla who revitalized this organization communicating with potential members and developing everything from by-laws to membership to even content for this website. She has also volunteered to be our spokesperson and communications officer.

With our new board of directors we will facilitate the positive use of our members’ energy and creativity to build a strong and influential Arab cultural body: the voluntary involvement of our members through contribution of time, knowledge, enthusiasm, and funds is essential for a vibrant organization.

​I encourage you to look at upcoming events and our volunteer page for those of you who would like to participate beyond just your membership. Please see the contact page for email addresses.


Wajih Zeid