Canadian Palestinian Association in Manitoba

CPAM Palestinian Night by Palestinian-Canadian Youth and Funonyat Troupe. 25 volunteer children that brought us to our knees with their cuteness and genuineness of heart. 

A blinding flash of white light .. lit up the sky over Gaza Tonight 
People running for cover. Not knowing whether they're dead or live
They came with their tanks and their planes with ravaging fire flames and nothing remains, just a voice rising up in a smoky haze
we will not go down - in the night without a fight....

Arabic Heritage Celebration - Fêtes du patrimoine arabo-canadien

Palestine in the Prairie Dabkeh Group presents Arab Heritage Celebration April 30th, 2016 on the Prairie Theater Exchange in Winnipeg - Manitoba

تدريبات قبل النهائيه لمهرجان التراث العربي يوم السبت القادم
Wein A-Ramallah, Palestine performed and choreographed by l’Ensemble folklorique de la Rivière-Rouge - Manitoba.. The troupe's extensive repertoire is comprised of French Canadian formation dances as well as step-dances, such as the “gigue,” which feature intricate footwork patterns. They represent the cultures of Acadia, Québec and Manitoba and today they dance on Arabic music, bridging communities and connecting people together. 

CPAM Events Video Gallery

Our rehearsal at the PTE Theater (June 2014)