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How to contact us

Please ensure you provide your preferred method of contact and your phone number in the message if that is your preference.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to working together to make CPAM an organization that grows in membership and draws support from other communities,

Volunteer for CPAM

As a new organization with minimal budget, CPAM is always seeking volunteers to promote our mandate and assist with events and activities.

We welcome all volunteers and those who are thinking they may wish to participate. Please email us at info@cpamonline.com or use the form at the left and let us know your interests and what you think you can do. Below are upcoming events with volunteer requirements we encourage you to assist us in our efforts to deliver exciting programs that bridge and engage all communities in Manitoba.

Please also check this page as it will be updated frequently as activities and events come up in the calendar year. You never know something may interest you!

Upcoming Events and Activities

Volunteers Needed!

Concert event for Palestine September 21, 2014

Canadian Palestinian Association in Manitoba