Who We Are

We are a socio-cultural organization that is a Palestinian home in Manitoba. 

We serve the Palestinian community through civic and social empowerment activities and events as an opportunity to bridge all Canadian cultural communities.

Our mandate also includes cultural concerts and thisresulted from the concerns for preserving the Palestinian identity and the lack of the involvement of Palestinian youth within their community. The art and heritage of Palestinians is extremely important as it embraces the purpose of cultural and national identity, tradition, life experience and nature.

Since 1948, Palestinian life has changed dramatically so more than ever, it is important to pass on these traditions to all generations. Additionally, the world today is rarely exposed to the beauty of Palestinian art and dance so it has become the mandate of CPAM to promote the positives of Palestinian heritage art and culture in Canada and show the audience an accurate and positive portrayals of this very misunderstood people. 

Canadian Palestinian Association in Manitoba